1293.10 Lupus Nephritis Research Study

The 1293.10 Lupus Nephritis Research study is a research study for men and women who have been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis.

In this study, doctors will evaluate the effectiveness of the investigational medication for Lupus Nephritis over a 52 week period. In whole, the clinical research study will happen over the course of 60 weeks. 

To pre-qualify for this study, you must:

All study-related visits, tests, and medications will be provided to you at no cost. In addition, reimbursement for study-related time and travel may be provided if needed.

See if this study is right for you:

If you are interested in participating in this clinical research study, please fill out the form below to see if you may be eligible. By filling out this contact form, you are in no way obligated to participate in the study. All information provided will be kept confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


*Are you 18-70 years of age?

*Please provide the month and year of your date of birth.

*What is your gender?

*Has a doctor diagnosed you with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)?

*Has a doctor diagnosed you with Lupus Nephritis Class III or IV with either active or active/chronic disease?

*For the past 12 months have been undergoing dialysis?

*Have you received treatment with any investigational drug within the last 6 months?

*Have you received treatment with any biologic B-cell depleting therapy, such as Rituximub, within the last 12 months?

*Have you had a renal (kidney) biopsy within the last 6 months that shows you have Lupus Nephritis?

*From the list below please select the clinical research study site you would like to forward your information on to if you pre-qualify:

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